Virtual Water Cooler Hangout

On Sunday september 15th, join the community in this virtual hangout.

On this lazy sunday, experts from around the world gather online for a day of panels, Qu0026amp;A and general banter.
This won’t be a traditional “virtual conference”, instead, we’ll hang out online and will have community speakers visit us to hang out, answer your questions and just talk about their favourite technical and non-technical topics.

You don’t want to miss this one!


  • Melissa Coates
  • Ginger Grant
  • Reid Havens
  • Shannon Lindsay
  • Stephanie Bruno
  • Rishi Sapra
  • Sara Barbosa
  • Marcos Freccia
  • Kathrin Borchert
  • Ana María Bisbé York
  • Mamadou Fall

How about you?
Reach out to @JanMulkens on twitter to join the party


We’re aiming to run between 9AM Brussels time and 7PM Brussels time (click here to convert to your local time)
Specific times when speakers are dropping by, will be announced before the event.

How to join

Join us at any time throughout the day to listen and talk to your favourite speakers.

Video + Screensharing:
Register here if you want to join the show at any point throughout the day:

Live Chat:
Of course, speakers will also be chatting in our channel: #PowerBIDays at the official SQL Server Community slack.

I can’t make it!

Recordings will be made available on our youtube channel.
Register for the webinar anyway to receive the links earlier than everyone else.
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